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Welcome to the English web page of the Hungarian Olimipici Grand Prix competition serie!


If you still have any questions and you can’t find the answer on this page, please feel free to reach out if you need any help. We would be more than delighted to help you with any questions or problems!




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Welcome to the world of OLIMPICI Grand Prix

The Olimpici Team’s goal would be to extend Olimpici Grand Prix competition serie to an international competition-serie! 

We would like to invite YOU to our competitions where you can find a friendly, welcoming  but at the same time highly competitive environment

Olimpici Grand Prix competitions in the season of 2019/2020:
(Details are coming as date of events are approaching.)

GP1: 22–23–24. of November, 2019. – Hajdúhadház
(near to Debrecen)
GP2: 13–14–15. of December, 2019. – Szolnok
GP3: 24–25–26. of January, 2020. – Budapest
GP4: 13–14–15. of March, 2020. – Bük (near to Szombathely)
GP5: 08–09–10. of May, 2020. – Békéscsaba
GP-Hungarian Champ.: 13–18. of June, 2020. – Balaton
(This is the National Championship – only for fencers from Hungarian sport clubs)

Grand Prix 1.
Competition of Remembrance of Fülöp Gyula

22–23–24. of November 2019.
Invitation of competition  
Sporthall of Bocskai István Bilingual Primary School
(Bocskai István Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola Sportcsarnoka)
4242 Hajdúhadház, Szilágyi Dániel u. 2–4.

Grand Prix 2.
Szolnok Cup
13–14–15 of December 2019.
Invitation of competition
Facebook event
– Sporthall of Széchenyi High School
(Széchenyi István Gimnázium Sportcsarnoka)
5000 Szolnok, Széchenyi krt. 16.
– Green House Gym Hall Zöld Ház tornaterem)
5000 Szolnok, Karczag L. u. 2. (Mini boy and girl competitions)
Host: Szolnoki Sportcentrum Nonprofit Kft.

Grand Prix 3.
Competition of Remembrance of Győző Kulcsár
24–25–26. January 2020.

Invitation of competition 
Facebook event
VASAS SC Kézilabda Csarnok / Handball Hall of VASAS SC
1139 Budapest, Fáy u. 58. (Entrance is from Hajdú utca)

Grand Prix 4.
Bükfürdő Cup
13–14-15. March 2020.
Invitation of competition
Facebook event
Cultural and Sport Centre – Művelődési és Sportközpont
Bük – 9737 Bük, Eötvös u. 11.
Host: Szombathelyi Vívóakadémia Sportegyesület (SZVASE)
(Fencing Academy Sport Club of Szombathely)

Grand Prix 5.
Csaba Cup

08–09–10. May 2020.
Invitation of competition
Facebook event
Town Sporthall and Fencing Hall of Békéscsaba
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 34.
Host: Alföld Vívó Akadémia
(Lowland Fencing Academy)


It is worth visiting us
Olimpici Grand Prix  is a popular épée competition serie with a lot of competitors. Meanwhile the five different competition places in Hungary offer other leisure & cultural programs for the young fencers, for their family and for their coaches.

About Olimpici GP
Olimpici Grand Prix is a rather young but highly qualified competition serie in the world of Hungarian epée-fencing, launched in 2006. Győző Kulcsár, our great fencing master and olympic champion has founded the Olimpici Public Benefit Foundation together with his enthusiastic team. The idea is based on a concept to give new stamina, competition environment for the upcoming generation of epée-fencers.

Age groups in the season of 2019/2020:

Törpici / Minis (born after 01.01.2009.)
They are not allowed to compete in other age groups!
Gyermek / Kids (born between 01.01.2007. – 31.12.2008.)
Újonc / Novices (born between 01.01.2006. – 31.12.2008.)
Serdülő / Adolescents (born between 01.01.2005. – 31.12.2008.)

The participants can compete depending on their age in four age-categories created by the Olimpici Public Fundation. Now the structures could be more sensitive to the knowledge, experience in specific age-categories… plus, we created a new age-category for the real beginner but up-to-competition generation, called Törpici, which means Mini fencer… smile

General rules
According to the rules of the FIE and the Hungarian Fencing Federation fencers in all age groups have to armed with equipments match the general safety regulations: compulsory to wear underplastron with FIE label of 800 NW sign; mask, jacket and breeches with FIE label of 350 NW sign.
The new safety fastening system of fencing masks IS NOT NECESSARY for the diffrent age-categories of Olimpici GP.




In Hungary the NEW SYSTEM IS APPLIED for cadets, juniors and adults.

Freightening patterns, individual paintwork, so basically every possible patterns, artworks are NOT ALLOWED on masks! 


In the Mini category, weapons must be fitted with blade size ZERO, and small bell guard. This is compulsory! In other categories there is no restriction or rule about blade size.

The competition has irregular formulas
(Last update on 19 of October, 2018, still the same in the 2019/2020 seaason):

Two rounds, no elimination (4 hits, 1×3 mins), 6–7 fencers in poules.
From the cumulative ranking list the first 32 fencers go onto tableau 32 – (10 hits, 2×3 mins)
From place 33 competitors fence for placements in poules (4 hits, 1×3 mins) in their third round with 3/4/5 fencers in poules.

Weapons must be fitted with blade size ZERO, and small bell guard. This is compulsory!

We are sorry if those equipments are not available in your country, but this is the rule. If your competitors really want to join this category, be sure they have got the right weapons. Those are available online, and PBT Fencing has exclusive dealers in several countries.
Check it out at

Day&Time of Mini competitions:
(at each Olimpici GP if the invitation letter doesn’t dispose differently)
Saturday 11.00 Mini boys
Sunday 11.00 Mini girls


2 rounds with elimination (5 hits, 1×3 mins, 6–7 fencers).
Cumulative ranking list, 128 advances, the rest eliminates.
direct tableau 128 (10 hits, 2×3 mins)

There is no restriction or rule about blade size!

Day&Time of Kid competitions:
(at each Olimpici GP if the invitation letter doesn’t dispose differently)
Friday 10.00 Kid boys
Friday 14.00 Kid girls  


One round (5 hits, 1×3 mins, 6–7 fencers), no elimination!
Fencers go onto direct tableau (15 hits, 3×3 mins)

There is no restriction or rule about blade size.

Day&Time of Novice competitions:
(at each Olimpici GP if the invitation letter doesn’t dispose differently)
Saturday 9.00 Novice boys
Saturday 14.00 Novice girls


One round (5 hits, 1×3 mins, 6–7 fencers), 20% eliminates
Fencers go onto direct tableau (15 hits, 3×3 mins)

There is no restriction or rule about blade size.

Day&Time of Adolescents competitions:
(at each Olimpici GP if the invitation letter doesn’t dispose differently.)
Sunday 9.00 Adolescents boys
Sunday 13.00 Adolescents girls

1. Online entry registration: until 12.00 on the last Thursday before the actual GP.
2. Entry at the venue: at least half an hour before start of the actual competition at a dedicated registration table.

From the season of 2018/19 foreign fencers MUST be registered online through the info-system of the Hungarian Fencing Federation.
Individual registrations are not available anymore:
national federations or sport clubs are titled to get online access to record competitors into the database of our events. All federations or clubs can have only one access, which is valid in the future. Please contact and negotiate with your federation or fellow clubs before asking new access.
Access inquiry via e-mail:
Access site:

Registration’s deadline: until 12.00 on the last Thursday before the actual GP.

Your data will not be used for reasons other than registration by Hungarian Fencing Federation, which promises not to share or sell your data with 3rd parties.
Entry registrations at the venue start an hour before the actual event at a dedicated desk in the Sport Hall. Final deadline of registration is strictly 30 minutes before the indicated start time of actual event. Please be in time, this is a competition which involves many people!
Please be sure that the ID of competitors are not taken from the registration desk after turning up, or paying the fee off, otherwise it is impossible for the DT to set the ID’s owner into competition!
Fencers are expected to hold a valid license or competitor ID with a valid medical approbation, or photo ID which proofs date of birth. It can be passport, national ID or student card. If parents, coaches are worried of the risk loosing their passports, please bring other photo ID which also proofs date of birth.

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