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Malinovo favorito

Greetings from Elfo Club! Twenty kms to east from Bratislava, here’s a super sport and leasure club in Malinovo which accomodates the first Slovakian-Hungarian Olimpici Competition, the IV. Inter-European Olimpici Grand Prix.
Our server is protected from abroad, so our news can be illustrated only on monday, but it’s clear that we had familiar atmosphere with low numbers of entrants.
Nándor Szakmáry could stand the uppermost step of the tribune among 19 Kid boys; the best among 16 kid girls was Zsuzsa Schlier of Satu Mare, Romania. The final of novice boys were fought between Polish Lubieniecki and Hungarian David Nagy who won the prize of first with great vantage among 18 entrants.

We love this venue – so we hope that our photoalbums will make some moans in those who won’t choose our competition in this weekend.
Additionally the Slovakian „Fair Play Committee” not only observed our GP but even gave out special prizes for three fencers for their mentality on piste.

Olimpici Team