Invitation of GP1 + equipment

Dear fencers,

welcome tho the season of 2014/2015! Soon we all meet at our first Grand Prix.
The invitation letter of GP1 is available!
Please have a deep look of the schedule, becasue the events are irregular! In novice and adolescent categories girls start first!

A fresh announcement of the Hungarian Fencing Federation regularizes what kind of equipments are allowed during trainings and inland competitions. This is absolutely not so far from the basic general safety rules of our sport, but to make it clear it is better if our competitors also know what is the minimal requirement:

Secure equipment is important!

350N fencing jacket and fencing pants, 350N underplastron, 350N helmet, and a glove in a good condition (without any notable damage or hole). For sure most of our Hungrarian and foreign fencers have this or even more serious equipment, but please keep in mind if You have any outdated, old piece, it is not good for competitions, and not even for trainings – so it’s better to change it for a new one.

Olimpici Team