please before you travel, pay attention of our categories. Accidentally we have changed the year of birth of minis to the correct version just today in the english menu. In the invitations those datas are correct. The age groups are the following:

Törpici / Minis (born after 01.01.2004.)
They are not allowed to compete in other age groups!
Gyermek / Kids (born between 01.01.2002. – 31.12.2003.)
Újonc / Novices (born between 01.01.2001. – 31.12.2003.)
Serdülő / Adolescents (born between 01.01.2000. – 31.12.2003.)

Also pay attention to the irregular schedule, as usually boys start the day, but at GP1 competition girls will be the first on saturday and sunday too.

Olimpici Team