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welcome in the new season

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Hi all,

we started the season of 2009/2010. We already published the planned calendar of stations in the new season. There are few changes with dates and organiser clubs.
There are discussions in the question of age-groups.  The Olimpici Team observed those facts, and decided to cut down the ages on the younger side. Untouched categories are the following:

Novices (born after 01.01.1996)
Adolescents (born after 01.01.1995)

Before with permission youngers than kids also could join the competition, but from this season it is like:
Kids (born between 01.01.1997 – 31.12.1998)
From the season of 2009/2010 youngers are not permitted to attend in the competition, we will create a separeted competition for them, called Törpici, with two competitions in Szolnok and Keszthely. Details come later.

The formula of the competition seems to be the very same, but probably small changes can be applied. We will inform You, if any significant changes come true.
We are still in cooperation with the Fencing Club Branik in Slovenia, so probably we can organize our Inter-European competiton again at the end of the season in Maribor.

We wish a successfull season for all of your fencers, and we will glad to see all of You join our competitions in Hungary!

Olimpici Team