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Olimpici GP2 – is Santa Claus on the piste?

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Finally we uploaded the invitation letter of GP2 in english!

Please pay attention for the schedule, as it’s different from the general ways we decided to do, as we did at GP1. Szolnok is an other city, with different venues, so we had to adjust the schedule to it.

Szolnok Cup is coming, and we would like to grab attention for couple of changes.

* The formula has changed in Mini categories too, so the number of bouts dropped back. To adjust it back a bit, without causing a long event, we change the number of fencers in poules from 5–6 fencers to 7 or more fencers, when creating poules. According number of entrants, unfortunatelly still few poules can be set only with lower number of fencers.

* According to the rules of the FIE and the Hungarian Fencing Federation, wearing underplastron with FIE label of 800 NW sign is obligatory from 1st of september 2015 in all of age groups. Safety comes first!
Referees will check it, so, please Mini competitors travel to Szolnok if You really have this equipment with the sign of 800 NW.

* The Sporthall of Széchenyi High School has sport-floor which stepable only with indoor shoes (sportshoes). To avoid any damage of floor, organisers kindly ask fencers to adjust their blades only on the dedicated pads next to the pistes.
Staying in the piste area is allowed only to competitors, their coaches, and referees!

* And finally a fantastic news, thanks for the organization of Szolnok in all events the first sixteen will be awarded with medals, if the award winners participate at the ceremonial awarding event. Organisers are not giving medals out of turn, or before the awarding ceremony. In all events the first three receive a cup too.
Each participant of mini events will be gifted by the Santa Claus of Szolnok!

Olimpici Team