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The invitation of GP2 and its changes

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Dear foreign participants,
the invitation of GP2 Szolnok has finally arrived. As we pronounced before, we try to re-adjust the formulas, as the number of participants are high and still growing. It’s not an easy task to satisfy all the competitors and their coaches, and even parents, and beside this keep a smooth running of the competitions, keeping the formulas practicable, and also keep the values of our ars poetica what we always want to keep, and provide strong and successful competitors to the world of épée.

At this moment we are not still there what we want, and we need more time to discuss on all edges, but for Szolnok we’ve changed few things.
For friday’s kid competitions we reset the timing, and we start an hour earlier. Boys start at 10.00, and girls at 14.00, with a two-way system, which is up to the number of the registered fencers.
We also wanted to re-adjust the minis’ formula, but in Szolnok they will have their own hall, and we decided to keep their tableau 16 with repechage for this chance, but the poules will run with fewer fencers in the rounds and in the placement round too.
We’ll try to figure out something even more accurate and better for Budapest, and the future.
Please keep in mind that the date and location of GP3 Budapest has changed. Check it out!

Olimpici Team