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Merry Xmas!

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The Szolnok Cup has gone with an irregular mode, since its date had never been this close to Christmas before. The organiser Szolnoki Sportcentrum made it even more festive to put a nice xmas decoration in the hall, beside this it provided a useful option in spite of their own hall which is now bearing the “under construction” sign.
Alltogether we had 16+8 pistes to run the GP2, which has received 652 registrations. Many thanks to all the participants for joining us; to the Szolnok fencing crew with Edina Szatmári on the lead; to Pál B. Nagy for his presence, to Imre Nagy, Tímea Nagy, Géza Imre, Péter Somfai for helping in the awarding ceremonies and being heroic example, to PBT, Leon Paul Hungary, János Vida and Semerédy family for their support.

There is nothing more to write:
Santa Claus has brought the ranking lists, the documentation of events and photoalbums of GP2 – Szolnok Cup are already available in our menus.
Merry Xmas, and a pleasant relaxation for everyone!

Olimpici Team