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The GP3’s happened with record numbers

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In the 12 years history of Olimpici GP we’ve received the most registrations at the GP3 organised by VASAS SC in this season. We’re not fanatics of the numbers, but it can indicates the changes, indicates that our competition is ever thriving.
We’re crying because it brings problems in that much of fencers how can compete in a good circumstances we dreamed of, and also We’re happy for this much fencers wanna participate at Olimpici GPs, and additional happiness that such a lot of other countries are representing.


All the 929 entry made a big job for the organiser club, for the operational team. We’re apologise for mistakes and waitings, and kindly ask everybody to show patience, and help for each other, so everybody should leave the competition satisfied. We are still looking for solutions to make our competition more smooth.

We’re gladly thank all the participant for fighting in the huge crowds, thank to the organisers to keep everything up from early morning till late during the three days, thank Pizza Forte to feed the fencers and referees with their yummy pizzaslices, thank for our exemplars for being there to see how those pupils are growing fencers, to see great assaults everybody could see from the huge grandstand, thank for the referees to help running the events smooth!

We’ve got few presents, updated documentations, ranking lists, photo albums.
Please check out the ranking lists, becasue the GP4 is nearby, and shout if anybody received no points or incorrect points.
Thank FotoBP we’ve got a special edition photo album too, we hope that you like it!

Olimpici Team