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Wind of change

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Hi for everyone!

First of all we are glad that we had many foreign fencers in also our last season, so thank You, thank You, thank You! For coming, for being interested, for trusting, and being on our pistes!
The wind of change started to whiffle. Nothing last forever. Everything is in change, as Olimpici Grand Prix has also transformed constantly since it was found in 2006. The story probably reached an other milestone.
It is still unsteady what will happen from this season, but István Lukáts, the president of the board of the Olimpici Public Foundation has resigned. The competitions of the upcoming age-groups was joined and kept together by the Olimpici movement, but probably all these competitions will be driven completely by the Hungarian Fencing Federation.

István Lukáts the engineer personage, who has been constantly presence in organising, brainstorming and running the competitions has sent a letter to the founder Győző Kulcsár olympian, and it is published here too, for the request of Mr. Lukáts.

Győző Kulcsár
Founder, Athlete of the Hungarian nation
Dear Master!
I resign today from the Olimpici Public Foundation’s Board of Trustees.
Thank you so much for your support in the last 12 years, as a result – I truly think – we could make the upcoming épée generation very successful.
It is proved by the result of cadet, junior and even adult fencers growing up on the Olimpici GP’s competition system. And even by the Olimpici crowd of 22 nations’ fencers.
Wishing you more success, your sincerely:
István Lukáts
Outgoing president of the board of the Olimpici Public Foundation
aug. 21. 2018.


As most of us could seen him: organiser, proud, happy and he congratulate! It was nice, it was nice István Lukáts!


Additionaly we can serve the GP dates of the season of 2018/19:

02–03–04. of November, 2018. – Debrecen (Hajdúhadház)
07–08–09. of December, 2018. – Szolnok
01–02–03. of February, 2019. – Budapest – lately has changed from january to february!
01–02–03. of March, 2019. – Szombathely (Bük)
10–11–12. of May, 2019. – Békéscsaba
16–21. of June, 2019. – Balaton (National Championship – only for fencers from Hungarian sport clubs)

So, the first date is still quite far, until that we’ll tune in with the more changes, if they comes.

Olimpici Team