A festive round and a new year

The end of the last year’s come as an express train, so we missed the english version. So, let’s see:
Szolnok Cup is always festive, mostly brought by December, but this time too, for that it needed the force of the organisation crew. So, we thanked that, as they managed nicely their competition with almost 700 entrants.
We also thanked to all those famous persons to their contributions in the awarding ceremonies:
Ildikó Mincza and Péter Somfai olympians, Tamás Dancsházy-Nagy Tamás head coach,  the Olimpici-activist István Lukáts, Imre Nagy, who is the Doc of fencing competitions of Szolnok ever.. and the Senior World Cup bronze medalist young, Máté Koch too.

We also mentioned a local olympian, the honorary citizen of Szolnok, Pál B. Nagy, who is an ever patron of Szolnok Cup together with Tímea Nagy olympian – for years! Thank You!

And now, some actualities:
First of all, Olimpici Team wishes a Happy New Year!

And the most important, the Invitaion letter of GP3, VASAS Cup is available here, or visit the english page of our site! Our advice is to read it through. Please!
Pay attention to the starting times! Last time GP3 was crowded, so, we try to prepare as much as possible, that’s why the early start on saturday.

There are few new rules released by FIE, and the most important is the rule of inactivity. It is recommended to study, because it is valid from 1st of January, 2019. Ask your federation for translation, or if you can understand in english, here they go (page 35., t.124)!

So, have a nice prep-period until, and let’s meet in February in Budapest!
Please, before You write us an e-mail, check out our website and Facebook page, and read the invitation letter! Generally we have all the information already provided for 99% of the questions we receive.

Olimpici Team