GP two-three

Hi all,

within two weeks we are going to have Olimpici Grand Prix inda house! We hope all of you are preparing well. Please dont forget to sign in at the desk of DT at least 30 minutes before the actual event. It means not two hours before, as it can be confused of the hundreds of different Ids and passports in the very same time on the table of the DT. Let’s make it smooth.

Anyway, we would like to draw your attention forward to the GP3 at the Lake Balaton, which was listed with a wrong date on our site. So, the correct date is 24-25-26 of February, as we corrected.

See You soon in Szolnok, have a safe journey, wherever You driving from! And minies, please do not forget: your competition is at an other hall, check out the invitation!

Olimpici Team