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just around and after xmas…

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In the second turn of Olimpici Epée Grand Prix last December we had a big competition. Szolnok as a host is always a festive one, as the professional organisers are extra helped by Santa Claus. That’s why medals’ given to the first 16 fencers in this GP of 549 entrants competition. Where again, we had giants of the sport for giving over medals at the awarding ceremonies. Pál B. Nagy – Olimpic champion of Szolnok, Tímea Nagy, the permanent homemaker, or the regular visitor of our GPs, Géza Imre who came over again with his pupils.

So, the Szolnok Staff again puts up so many, and added a lot for the festive mood of the participants on their return to home for celebrating xmas and new year… and so we believe that You all enjoyed them all!
We wish all of You happiness and a glorious, successful new year!

The invitation letter of the GP of capital round is ready for you on our site, and please try to help with administration with filling up the pre-registration form.
Thank You!

Olimpici Team