GP5 has gone from April to May!

2017. március 28.

An unanticipated change in the programme of the Békéscsaba Town Sporthall has caused the date alteration of the Olimpici GP5 – Csaba Cup from April 14–15–16 to May 12–13–14.
Thank You for Your understanding and patience!

AVA and Olimpici Team

Iron crowd in Iron County

2017. március 16.

“West is the best” – cited from a song of The Doors, but really: in this cute, most western GP location Bük in Vas (which means iron) county usually makes one of the lower numbers in our events. This usual have been broken this year when the keen organisers of Szombathely Fencing Academy Sport Club registered 590 entrants altogether. And they have done well again, asking support from
one of the most wellknown in Europe, second biggest in Hungary waterpark/spa..called Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre which provided discounted access during Bükfürdő Cup.

The organisers had also really cool exemplar fellows for giving the awards: as a referee of three whole days, Renáta Petri felt great joining the awarding ceremonies too. She is a cadet World Champion medalist from last year and cadet European Champion; besides the Rio Olympics women epeé gold team member of Romania, Simona Pop, and of course Géza Imre Olympic silver Champ who presented himself at the competition with his pupils.. he also joined the awarding crew with joy.

Beside all these successful fencers the local force appeared in helping too: president of the local club, Csaba Babós, mayor of Bük Sándor Dr. Németh as well as Szilárd Kerekes co-president of local Touristic Office.

From the menu all the documentations are available, photoalbums as well and the updated ranking lists. Please check that out, in case of any mistake send us an e-mail, and we’ll have time to correct if before GP5 Csaba Cup.

Have a successful preparation for the last available GP for foreign fencers in the season of 2016/17.

Olimpici Team

Reminder for pre-registration and so

2017. március 7.

Dear all,
we just would like to remind you all that we have changed the method how we receive registrations. We do not take e-mails anymore, in spite for each GPs we create a form, and the clubs have to fill up the competition’s registration form. For GP4 we have the form here: http://bit.ly/Olimpici2017_GP4

Olimpici GP competition is not dealing with names of foreign clubs anymore, all the foreign fencers will be signed by the name of their nations.

Henceforth the foreign nations of entrants must provide referees as following:
One referee: if a nation registered 4–8 entrants for an event (for example kid boys).
Two referees: if a nation registered 9, or more entrants for an event.
This is not calculated along by clubs, but along by nations, all together. So please, make an agreement with
fellow clubs.

Olimpici Team

just around and after xmas…

2017. január 5.

In the second turn of Olimpici Epée Grand Prix last December we had a big competition. Szolnok as a host is always a festive one, as the professional organisers are extra helped by Santa Claus. That’s why medals’ given to the first 16 fencers in this GP of 549 entrants competition. Where again, we had giants of the sport for giving over medals at the awarding ceremonies. Pál B. Nagy – Olimpic champion of Szolnok, Tímea Nagy, the permanent homemaker, or the regular visitor of our GPs, Géza Imre who came over again with his pupils.

So, the Szolnok Staff again puts up so many, and added a lot for the festive mood of the participants on their return to home for celebrating xmas and new year… and so we believe that You all enjoyed them all!
We wish all of You happiness and a glorious, successful new year!

The invitation letter of the GP of capital round is ready for you on our site, and please try to help with administration with filling up the pre-registration form.
Thank You!

Olimpici Team


2016. november 20.

Our title is like a hungarian licence plate number of a car, which was heard through the loudspeaker many times during the weekend of Olimpici GP1.. as few of the participants parked their car in front of locals’ gates… this small difficulty became tiny next to the great organisation work of the event organiser DHSE-PMD of Debrecen, and the cosy aptness of a hidden but modern and huge sport hall of this flat little town in Hajdúság, a region up northeast.

So HHA-610… refers that during Hajdúhadház Olimpici GP we had 610 competitors all together competing not only for the unique ceramic renumerates, but for the moments when the best 8 receive their medals from excellences from the word of hungarian fencing, because a really unique star team were brought together by the organisers.
For sure it feels outstanding to be rewarded by Olimpic champions!


Péter Somfai gave medals for kid boys...

Géza Imre gave medal for Gyöngyvér Kálmán, one of the most successful novice of the organiser DHSE-PMD.

Géza Imre addressed his cheerfulness to his clubmate, Ákos Papanitz 🙂

Cream on the cake: György Nébald and his wife, Ildikó Mincza gave awards to adolescent girls...

The joy of a fencer family: Ildikó Mincza could gave a medal to their doughter too...

So there we all had those memorable moments, and beleive that our great fencers will be available anytime to participate in our events.
Through the site’s menu the results, ranking list, and also the invitation of GP2 are all ready for you.

Until all our little fencers can gather up again, let’s recall the moments of GP1 in the television programme of Little Champion from the 35th minutes. (Unfortunatelly there is no english subtitle, but the motion pictures are great too!)

Olimpici Team

The formula of age group mini has changed

2016. október 12.
After a repeated coordination of professionals the invitation letter of GP1 has been refreshed because of the new formula for the youngest age group:
Two rounds with no elimination (4 hits, 1×3 mins), 6–7 fencers in poules. From the cumulative ranking list the first 16 fencers go onto direct tableau 16 (10 hits, 2×3 mins) with consolation (repechage).
From place 17 competitors fence for placements in poules again (4 hits, 1×3 mins) in the third round with 4–5 fencers in poules.
Olimpici Team

Csaba Cup is coming soon!

2016. március 26.

But until that time have a good time relaxing, and be prepared with trainings!
The invitation is already available!

Happy Easter!

Datas are refreshed

2016. március 8.

Hi all,

thanks for participating of Olimpici Grand Prix 4 – Bükfürdő Cup. All the documentations, results, ranking lists and photoalbums are ready to see, to browse, to enjoy!

Let’s catch up again in Békéscsaba on 22–23–24th of April!

Olimpici Team

Bükfürdő Cup – list of accomodations

2016. február 27.


we refreshed the invitation letter, because the list of accomodations’ became complete. If anyone hasn’t booked yet at all, it could be somehow usuful, although it’s not in English, but phone numbers and e-mails are universal, aren’t they?
So, here’s the list which went into the invitation letter too.

Have a successful preparation, and have a safe trip to the Olimpici GP4!

Olimpici Team

Do You like SPA? GP4 is w8in’4ya’!

2016. február 16.

Did You know that Bükfürdő has a really cool SPA?
The existence of the spa is due to a lucky accident: as a result of oil research drillings. The Ministry of Health classified the thermal water of Bük as medicinal water in 1965, then the area as a health spa of regional significance in 1973, and Bükfürdő as a health resort of national significance in 1979. Due to continuous developments currently the spa complex contains 32 pools.

Anyway.. did you know about this? Team Hungary got GOLD at Peter Bakonyi World Cup 2016 – they are Team Champions! Still can watch the competition here!

And beside those news, we let All of You know that our Invitation letter of Olimpici Grand Prix 4 is ready to see, and we kindly ask, PLEASE READ IT trough – and not only because we slightly changed the formula.


Olimpici Team